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Master Bedroom Makeover

Yellow – while the wall color was officially named “Clair De Lune,” all I could see in my master bedroom was yellow. The walls, the 1990’s furniture, the old faded ceiling fan…yellow.

I had a few days between contracts and client work, and I knew I had to get to work to make a more relaxing haven for our upcoming empty nesting. Wall color was definitely a must, as well as darker furniture and a new light fixture.

See Below for the Before Photos

Before Picture 4
Before Picture 2
Before Picture 1
Before Picture 3

I spent days and trips to Sherwin Williams, along with watching A LOT of videos about paint color to get to the perfect shade of gray. Why? Because time and budget did not include the beige carpet being updated and I am not a fan of grays that look green.

You would be amazed at the number of video reviews out there about the more popular paint colors from Sherwin Williams – I suggest that you watch them and take notes, also be sure to put the swatches in your room with your light.

I found the color “On the Rocks,” held my breath, and ordered it online for pick-up. That is one of my favorite things about Sherwin Williams, I can use coupons to order online and pick-up without waiting in the store.

For the furniture, I was certain I was going to have to paint the current dressers to get something of similar sturdy quality and size. I didn’t really want to do this in the 100+ temperatures, knowing my OCD was not prepared for my paint job to not come out correctly. Fortunately, I found dressers at Haverty’s after many hours of online searching – I went to the store to check them out and literally checked out in 5 minutes for delivery the week after I painted.

After Photos of the Transformation

I gave myself 2 days to paint – in my younger days I would have done it in 1, but I wanted to take my time and save my shoulder some wear and tear. I was at first not sure about the color, but as the paint dried and the blinds went back on the window, I knew that watching all of those videos paid off.

I found the new light on Wayfair and had a dimmer switch installed, so we could vary the level of light based on mood or time of day. I reused my linens which were fairly new from Lands End, bought a few more throw pillows, and parsed down some furniture and wall hangings to create a simpler space.

For fall I put a few pink and gray felt pumpkins on the chest of drawers, and plan to display a small flocked tree for the winter months.

Simple details like a custom monogrammed pillow found on Etsy gives it an extra touch of class, while not breaking the bank.

This clock I found on Amazon – it took some searching and thorough review reading, but I’m pleased with it. When buying a bedroom clock, be sure to look for one that is silent non-ticking.

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