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When Hat Hair is a Help

I am not a hat person. I can’t even pull off a baseball hat on a bad hair day. Winter hat? Maybe if its a blizzard out there. However, once my hair started to go silver, I had to cover it from the bright rays of sun.

Why you ask? Silver (gray) hair lacks melanin, a protective pigment. Not only will your hair dry out and become more brittle, but it will also yellow in the sun- and no one wants yellow dull hair. Once the sun damage is done, it can’t be UN-done.

Protecting the Silver Strands

I tried sunscreen for hair and for me it was a greasy mess. Let’s layer onto this the need to wear readers if I want to lounge in the pool with a magazine (so there goes the sunglasses). I needed to cover my hair and get some shade on my eyes and face. So the next option unfortunately was a hat.

Both of Us are Protecting our Silver Strands

I know my “Bubblegum Pink” bucket hat may be a bit too much for some, but if I was going to go outside of my comfort zone, I was going to really go outside!!

If I get the hat wet, I set it on a hook or counter to dry. If it gets dirty, in the washer on gentle cycle with some oxygen cleaner it goes.

Shop around and find something that works for you – with summer almost “over,” you may find a great price on a fun hat!

Even Finley got a hat this summer to be like Mommy…if only his head wasn’t so big.

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